what could have been the currency of the future

Silubium: what could have been the perfect currency for the world of the future and a WARNING from Ryker Freegeld

I originally designed Silubium to be the worlds first true 4th-generation cryptocurrency and my aim from the outset was to create a currency built for the consumer. At the time, Silubium was apparently going to enjoy a high level of government support and was furthermore going to be actively implemented by several large enterprises in Hong Kong, Macao and elsewhere, according to the CEO of the company that commissioned me to design and develop it, not long before he turned the entire marketing campaign into a way to get his hands on ICO money (illegal here) without even understanding the basic features which I built into the system, which he now tries to take credit for despite never having written a single line of code in his life and having no technical background whatsoever. Silubium could have changed the world, but is has now been relegated to just another sad example of Western innovation in the hands of an incompetent group of corporate autocrats who know nothing other than setting up fake ICOs in repeat attempts to seize more money from greedy short-term investors who know even less about the blockchain and cryptocurrencies than they do. The crypto's current price (constantly propped up by an ever declining team of paid traders using their own capital) is a testament and just reward for their shameless antics and wanton waste of the opportunity they were presented with when I originally designed Silubium.

Do not be too disappointed though: I have not given them all my secrets (they clearly don't even understand what I HAVE given them) and I have something potentially even more ambitious up my sleeve. If it works and I somehow manage to find enough interested people and capital to get it going, value will once again be in the hands of its owners and the world will be a much freer and fairer place.

Meet the One and Only Mastermind Behind the World's First Consumer Cryptocurrency

Ryker Freegeld
Silubium Architect & Developer
Blockchain Project Strategist
Silubium Silkchain Architect
Silubium Software Cluster Architect & Developer
Silubium Project Manager

Why Silubium?

Designed for the consumer

Cutting-edge 4th-generation
public ledger

Unmatched security features

24/7/365 support

Designed for stability

Globally accepted